LG G7 having a latest processor might beat Galaxy S8

The company LG never gave up and continued to launch its flagships whether they are liked by people or not. LG G2 became popular with its Full HD screen, then G3 with QHD display, autofocus, after this, the LG G4 had also got the fame whole over the world with its leather cover. Then another beast came, the LG G5 smartphone, having a trendy Dual camera and interchangeable module. This year, LG G6 has also received a tremendous success with its brilliant features like Dolby Vision and stunning appearance. For the next year, in 2018, LG is also planning to launch its next G series flagship, LG G7, in January 2018. The rumor suggests that the company will also introduce a plus version of G7, i.e. LG G7+ just the way Samsung will introduce two versions, a standard and a plus – Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+.

LG G6 has a little difference in appearance which is appreciable. Unlike most flagship models on the market, the front panel protecting the glass (Gorilla Glass 3) here is completely flat, without sloping “2.5D” edges. As it seems to me, this was done for the sake of greater resistance to cracking in the fall. The back is also Gorilla Glass, but the fifth version: it is somewhat softer, tactile generally resembles plastic, because of this quicker small scratches are collected, but it is more difficult to break it. LG is talking about the certification of a smartphone based on the US military standard MIL-STD 810G (which means, or rather, what does NOT mean – we explain this link). According to an Investor, we may use a highly protected and solid device LG G7, which will neither get cracks if somehow slips out of our hand nor be damaged by coming in contact with water, dust, and high temperatures.

Flagship system-on-chip Qualcomm 2017 – Snapdragon 835 – LG G6 did not get. The laws of business are harsh: those who bake cakes, they also eat them first. Instead, the smartphone is built on the second-half of 2016, the 4-core 2.35-gigahertz Snapdragon 821. The same chip is used, for example, in smartphones Google Pixel. LG, thus, was the last of the major manufacturers to produce a flagship smartphone on Snapdragon 821. According to the Korean reports, LG will introduce the latest processor in its LG G7 flagship – The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC powered by 7nm chipset, the processor which is also going to use by Samsung Company for its upcoming champ Galaxy S9. Moreover, the Adreno 630 GPU will increase the performance of LG G7 during gaming or in other tasks.

The other characteristics are uniquely in LG G6 flagship: 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal memory, two SIM cards or one SIM and microSD. Problems with performance will not be even in the most demanding games, not to mention the usual applications. Of the advanced features of Snapdragon 835, which will not get to the owners of the LG G6, it’s really worth it to regret Bluetooth 5.0. With it, the sound is transmitted without wires, more qualitatively, and, if desired, directly to two devices. The upcoming champ LG G7 is rumored to be sport with 6/8GB RAM and internal memory of 32/64GB RAM, the Bluetooth version would be 5.2 and will be blessed with a non-removable Li-Ion 3800mAh battery capacity.


Smartphones for Fun and Convenience

Smartphones are certainly more advanced these days than anyone imagined when mobile phones first came out. They are used for just about anything you can do on a computer, not just for making calls. In fact, many consumers don’t make calls often at all on their mobile device. Instead, they use it to text, to explore social media, to find directions, and to play games.

Others do use their mobile phone all the time for calls. They call friends and family, and they often complete business calls. They have a plan that allows for unlimited talking anywhere in the world. This is very important if you have clients out of the country, as you don’t want to have a hefty bill for calling them.

What to Look For

As you shop around for the best mobile phones in Australia, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. There are certainly plenty of them out there for you to pick from. Take your time to decide what features you like the most and what features you don’t want to pass up. Think about what you will use the mobile phone for the most and go from there.

The size of the screen on any mobile phone is something to look at. Some of the screens are mini models and others are very large. If you plan to watch plenty of videos or movies on your smartphone, it makes sense to have a larger screen. However, if you love being able to slide the phone in your back pocket, a mini version could be far more convenient.

A camera is a common feature many people use with their mobile phone, not only to take photos of people and places but of themselves. The selfie feature allows the camera to be turned around so it is facing you and you can see what the photo will look like before you snap it. No more cut off faces or closed eyes!

Compare Brands and Models

There is no denying the fun and the convenience offered with the ownership of any mobile phone. However, you do need to compare brands and compare models. Don’t be in a rush to buy the newest device, out there as it may not be worth it when there are great functioning alternatives at a lower cost. Buy a good fitting case for your mobile phone as a source of protection. If you drop it, the risk of shattering or cracking your screen is reduced with such a protector in place. You don’t want to have to replace the phone any time soon.

If you are part of a cellular service provider plan, you may have to pick from a group of mobile phones they offer. Sometimes, you can upgrade to a better one for an additional charge. If you buy a mobile phone externally, make sure it is unlocked. You also need to make sure it is compatible with your cellular service provider network.


How have smartphones become so much a part of people’s lives?

The smartphone is one of the staples in the modern technological world. In today’s world, the status of a person can be judged by how expensive a smartphone he has. This constant validation from society in terms of owning high-end advanced smartphones has resulted in the development of new security systems. Security systems in smartphones occupy a major portion of the research and development. This is simply because almost everyone stores important data and information related to their personal and professional lived on their smartphones. Apart from this, the constant threat posed by hackers and data thieves has led to the development of locking systems in smartphones. Now, if you are to unlock the phone you will either need fingerprint, face scan, etc.

How to unlock smartphones if it gets locked mistakenly?

One of the most renowned mobile phone brands in today’s world is Huawei. This China-based company has developed many extra measures to help protect your data. Like for example, they only give you five shots at getting the passcode right. And if you get them wrong every single time, the phone gets locked. Now though this failsafe system was developed to increase the protection around your data on mobile, this is posing problems as well. Like for example, it may sometimes happen that a child locks the phone mistakenly. This simply became a burden on the adult to take it the customer service of the manufacturing company and get the phone unlocked. However, in recent years online platforms are offering to provide unlocking code to this type of phone. They only require model number and model name with which they can provide you an unlocking code.

Get in touch with the best unlocking code provider online

One of the many such platforms is Movical. Movical is, however, the best in this regard. It is because they are the most experienced in this field. They are also the cheapest platform in this service as well. To know more about their operations and their rates, make sure you pay a visit to their official website.