Avoid The Watch Repairman: DIY Strap Removal

Avoid The Watch Repairman

Changing watch straps is an easy and not so easy process depending on the type of watch you wear. A Cassio watch is easy to change its straps for, with the use of a spring bar tool, a razor, a safety pin, or paper clip can work. However, for a Rolex watch, the use of a Rolex strap removal tool would come in handy for it would limit the chances of damaging the elegant watch. The use of other materials to pry the spring holding the straps would facilitate its removal if the Rolex watch has lug holes or not.

These lug holes expose the spring bar from the body case where the spring bar can be pushed loose from the lug holes using a hard toothpick, safety pin, or paper clip. Rolex watches that do not have lug holes need to be turned face down exposing the back face and just at the attachment section, one would notice little spaces to pry loose the spring bar removing the watches strap for replacement. The reason for replacing these straps would depend on someone’s occasion, the watch to match the type of dress, or just to increase the aesthetic value.

Before the removal of these straps, you need Rolex strap removal tools which include a spring bar tool, a soft cloth to lay the watch face not to get scratches from the working surface, and a small dish tray to hold any small pieces from the watch. If the Rolex watch has lug holes, the spring bar tool has a pointed end to push the spring bar off the lug hole retracting one end of the spring bar and nudging it around to free it from the hole. Once the strap is off the body watch, remove the spring bar placing it in the small tray. Do the same for the other side as well. If the watch does not have lug holes, the other side of the spring bar tool has a forked end to push the flanges out of the holes. Holding the Rolex watch with its face facing away is noticed four spaces where the bracelet attaches to the watch.

The forked end of the spring bar tool dislodges the spring bar from the watch lug. Remove the spring bar from the bracelet placing it in the tray. The same method is repeated for the other side of the watch case.

In the attachment of other great looking bands, which could range from classic leather straps, rubber straps, elegant suede straps, sport metal braces, or military-inspired NATO straps, is where the taste of the wearer comes to play for the choices and possibilities are endless. Let’s say a change to an elegant sky-blue suede band. Thread one of the spring bar into the suede loop attaching to the body taken from the tray.

Holding the Rolex watch with its face facing away, align the spring bar to the lug on the body watch and using the spring bar tool, press the other end gently to squeeze the spring bar into the lug so that it releases into the hole to secure it. Take the other side of the strap and repeat the same procedure. Wiggle both sides of the straps to make sure they are fitted securely into the lug holes. This can be done for any strap desired to bring the best look for the best-fitted clothing. This knowledge of changing straps comes in handy sometimes where you do not need a watchman to always do these simple things but watch repair, oiling and cleaning.


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